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When you need tanks for your operation, Tiger is the company you can count on every time. We offer various styles of fluid tanks in multiple sizes in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Tiger offers a wide selection of fluid transport tanks from mud tanks, fuel tanks, chemical tanks and potable water tanks made with carbon steel, stainless steel or polyethylene. We also carry a wide range of mixing and storage tanks, so you can get all the units you need from one dependable source.


Tiger’s  IMDG (T-11) ASME VIII, IBC, IM101, MPT, Coast guard certified, ISO, UN31H2/HM-181E and UN31A approved tanks keep your fluids safely and reliably contained. Each unit is designed and constructed with robust components to prevent leaks and provide years of reliable performance.

Tiger Offshore’s fluid transport tanks are designed for offshore dynamic lifting in accordance with the provisions of API RP 2A. Tiger also offers fluid transport tank lifting frames that are built in accordance to DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079, IMO 860, SEPco document OPS0055, Brasil DPO and AECCA Gulf of Mexico standards as well.

We offer a full line of offshore tanks for fluid collection, storage, transport and disposal. Our tanks are designed for drilling muds, completion fluids, production chemicals, acids, lubricants, aviation fuel, waste oil and waste water. tiger has the tank assets to support everything from a 10,000 bbl flow back job to something as common as transporting 1,000 gallons of diesel. Fluid Tank sizes vary from 55 gallons to 21,000 gallons.

Depending on the intended contents, we can also add various chemical-resistant liners. Designed for optimal product compatibility, these liners prevent contamination of vital fluid assets.