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Sling & Rigging Management Program

Compliance is the First Step to Success
The safest compliance management program for lifting slings and rigging covering dockside locations, drilling rigs and production facilities; complying with API RP-75 safe practices.
Confidence in the event of a BESSE audit.
Reduce liability exposure on your facility.
Protect Life & Assets.

Product Description


  • Nylon slings: 2, 4 & 6 part lifting assemblies, shackles, come-a-longs, and chain falls.
  • 1st and 2nd inventory packages will be all new equipment. 3rd and 4th packages will consist of re-certified equipment. All Equipment discarded after the completion of the two year cycles.
  • All equipment will have individual serial #’s assigned for traceability and documentation.
  • All equipment will be color coded different for every package.


  • All equipment tested two times the maximum load capacity at date of manufacture with testing certification.
  • Electronic and hard copy documentation provided [PDF format]
  • Complete traceability of all equipment, returned damaged and expired.


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