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At Tiger Offshore, we know that when working offshore every minute is mission critical, so we’ve built our company to solve problems and make your operations more efficient.

Full Service Maintenance Programs

We offer full-service maintenance program at all locations and have updated DNV 2.7-1 equipment fleet in a wide variety of sizes including Specialized CarriersBasketsContainersReefersCuttings BoxesWaste Skips and Tool BoxesFluid TanksMixing UnitsSlings & Rigging and Rig Mats.

  • Company owned and operated delivery trucks.
  • In-house rigging shop (certified, tested and inspected equipment slings).
  • Master link with sub assembly style set up on equipment slings.

Exceptional Service

We have experienced and trained sales and operations personnel available to assist with all of your needs. Our phones are manned with a 24 hours a day dispatcher – no answering service. Additionally, Tiger has driver and yard service people on site 24 / 7 for any emergencies that may arise.

Convenience and Freight Savings

Tiger offers off rent and on rent convenience from different locations which results in freight savings for our customers both domestically and internationally.

Safety is a Top Priority!

  • Tiger uses Van Beest “Green Pin” Safety Pin style shackles on all equipment (DNV Batch Certified).
  • Our facility at Port Fourchon, LA has a paved surface to minimize dropped objects and prevent rocks from damaging equipment.

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GPS Tracking

  • Tiger utilizes cutting edge technology in conjunction with custom designed software to effectively track assets both locally and globally. Assets are scanned in and out with RFID technology to ensure accuracy and are tracked by satellites with GPS units on DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3 equipment.
  • Our trained offshore equipment specialists are on task around the clock to ensure our equipment is where you want it to be, when you need it.

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Certification & Maintenance Program

Tiger offer a full range of products that are certified by industry and governmental agencies including, but not limited to, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-3, EN12079, NORMAN 05DPC, ANTT RESOLUTION 420, IMDG CODE, ASME VIII, IBC, IM 101, MPT, USC, GA, ISO,  UN31H2, HM-1813, API Rp2, USDOT and UM31A, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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Sling & Rigging Management Program

Compliance is the First Step to Success
  • The safest compliance management program for lifting slings and rigging covering dockside locations, drilling rigs and production facilities; complying with API RP-75 safe practices.
  • Confidence in the event of a BSEE audit.
  • Reduce liability exposure on your facility.
  • Protect Life & Assets.

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Hurricane Ready

Tiger has designated the following yards across the Gulf Coast as hurricane response backup facilities:

  • Theodore, Alabama
  • Venice, Louisiana
  • Cameron, Louisiana
  • Galveston, Texas