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Tiger Offshore Rentals Acquires Comea Imprianti Industriali’s (Italy) Fleet of DNV Cargo Carrying Units; Expands Mediterranean and North African Presence


MAY 10, 2017

RAVENNA, Italy — Tiger Offshore Rentals (“Tiger”), a leading global provider of transportation and storage equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry, has acquired Comea Imprianti Industriali’s (“Comea”) entire fleet of DNV certified offshore cargo carrying units (CCUs) in Italy. The acquisition expands Tiger’s position as the leading provider of offshore rentals in the Mediterranean, North African, and Southern European regions.

“Comea’s substantial inventory of DNV long cargo baskets, containers and special carriers is a welcome addition to our rental fleet in the Mediterranean,” says David McCormack, Tiger Offshore Rental’s manager of international business development. “This acquisition will allow Tiger’s customers to source DNV offshore equipment locally in Italy before deploying for operations in the Mediterranean, North African, and South European regions. This new fleet puts Tiger in the driver’s seat when it comes to providing DNV certified CCU’s, tanks, and skips to the development of Mediterranean offshore plays.”

In conjunction with the acquisition, Tiger and Comea entered into an agency agreement that allows Comea to rerent Tiger’s full line of DNV certified CCUs, offshore baskets, containers, skips, cuttings boxes, tanks, and carriers to its customers.

About Tiger Offshore Rentals

Tiger Offshore provides specialty transport tanks and logistics equipment rental to the offshore oil and gas market. Our equipment is used to safely transport, store and process drilling fluids, liquids, waste, tools, refrigerated goods, dry goods, and more. Our fleet includes cargo carrying units, baskets, boxes, containers, tanks and vessels. We also offer slings & rigging, mixing units, mud tank packages, flooring, rotating equipment, and waste services. Tiger provides a full array of equipment and services solutions to customers in North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. For more information, visit www.TigerOffshoreRentals.com.


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