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GPS Tracking

Tiger utilizes cutting edge technology in conjunction with custom designed software to effectively track assets both locally and globally. Assets are scanned in and out with RFID technology to ensure accuracy and are tracked by satellites with GPS units on DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3 equipment.  Our trained offshore equipment specialists are on task around the clock to ensure our equipment is where you want it to be, when you need it.

Satellite "GPS" Tracking is available on all Tiger Offshore Equipment

Map • Locate items by name / description / serial number or group, view onshore & offshore locations, includes offshore blocks and platforms, customize locations, zoom in / out, measure distances, create geofence and landmarks.

Reports • Query item history by date or date range for locations and customers. Reports are exportable to Excel and include a column to input charge codes for allocation purposes.

Alerts • Send e-mail notification when a GPS unit moves in or out of a predetermined geofence area.

Application • Software designed, developed and hosted by a 3rd party vendor.

Other Features “Closed Loop” Web based manifesting system. The AXTracker / ezTRAC unit is a lithium battery-operated, self-contained telemetry device designed to communicate via satellite and is capable of providing cost-efficient and reliable asset tracking in both local and remote regions. The land section of the map includes cities and roads while offshore section includes lease blocks, platforms and pipelines.

 The unit is set in a compact, rugged enclosure designed to attach to a cargo container or any item you desire to track. The AXTracker sends information at preset intervals by means of satellite. The information is then received, interpreted and available from any web connection from a third party vendor.

The device is delivered complete and ready-to-go with no need for an external antenna or power source. The AXTracker differentiates itself by offering exceptionally long battery life and is intrinsically safe including Class 1- Div 1 Certification. The reliable, one-way communication provides the lowest cost tracking solution available anywhere.