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DNV 25 BBL Stainless Steel Low Profile Vertical Tank


The 25 Barrel Stainless Steel Low Profile DNV 2.7-1 Vertical Tank is built for safely moving hazardous fluids offshore. It is designed for drilling, completion, production, P&A and work over fluids that are compatible with 316 stainless steel. This package is dependable and versatile for the Offshore E&P Industry.

Product Description

> TIGER DNV 25 BBL Stainless Steel Low Profile Vertical Tank Spec Sheet

DIMENSIONS-         L X W X H EXTERNAL (MM)- 2268 x 2268 x 2500 EXTERNAL (FT)-    7’5” x 7’5” x 8’2” WEIGHT  TARE-           KGS:  2400     LBS:  5291 PAYLOAD-  KGS:  7600     LBS:  16755 MAX GROSS WEIGHT (MGW)-  KGS: 10000 LBS:  22046 CAPACITY  VOLUME- LITERS:  3975     GALS: 1050

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