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Our Values

TIGER_INTEGRITYAt Tiger we embody candor, entrepreneurship, execution and total dedication to our customers.

These are the core values that guide the behavior of every member of the Tiger team.  

We believe in candor – unfiltered, timely assessment and communication that acknowledges the realities our customers face every day.  This encourages internal transparency and keeps us nimble and responsive to customer needs and changes in market conditions. 

A spirit of entrepreneurship encourages ownership of tasks and processes from the smallest to the biggest and the simplest to the most complex. Tiger is a place where ideas are valued, questions are asked and possibilities are explored.  We pursue opportunities to innovate with dogged determination.  Our philosophy  of  “Every Day a Better Way” ensures that we are always asking ourselves the right questions and delivering a better customer experience.

We execute on our commitments to each other and our customers by meeting the challenges of the day head-on with persistence and vigor.  Every action we take is focused on delivering the solutions our customers need – when they need it.

At Tiger, we are dedicated to our customers and make sure EVERY task is focused on delivering for our clients. Tiger does more than just renting the highest quality of equipment in the industry.  The Tiger brand of service is predicated on more than five decades of listening to customers and responding in kind to provide what they need to succeed.

At Tiger we have learned that our customers expect not only great products that perform and endure but also an accessible and responsive network of sales, service and technical support teams to help them solve problems and reach their goals as the oilfield equipment industry changes and evolves.

So why should you partner with Tiger?  Because we know you are on a mission to succeed and we want to help you Make It Happen!


The Tiger Value Proposition of Customer Support includes:

  • Available Inventory
  • Customer Training
  • High Quality Equipment
  • Parts and Service
  • Severe Duty Design
  • Experienced Service Teams
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Financing