25 bbl Transport Tank [S-Style] IM101


Secure transportation and storage of drilling, production and completion fluids as well as fuel, waste and other liquids.

Product Description


  • Meets D.O.T. 3 serial mounted closures requirement. Tank Shell 3/8 inch. SA-36 Plate, GR70, and Tank Mounting of 3/8 inch steel. 3 inch P/V vent, 31 PSI, 20 inch manway, 3 inch male camlock with cap, 3 inch internal valve with shear section. Internal emergency closure with remote trip cable for fast shut off. Steel tubing frame, stackable with top mounted catwalk for safety. Forklift pockets on both sides and one end.
  • Tank constructed to meet all applicable requirements of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1 and CFR 49, Section 270 & 271. Tank Configuration Code T8.
  • Tank constructed with 3/8”, SA-36 plated cylinder, and 3/8” SA-516, GR 70 PL heads. Pressure and vacuum relief vent flow rate of 4,208 cubic feet of free air per minute as required by CFR 49, 178.270-11. Set at 25 PSI/6 in Vacuum.
  • The Tiger 25 BBL IM 101 Transport Tank is designed for offshore dynamic lifting in accordance with
    the provisions of API RP 2A and SEPco document OPS0055.
  • Exterior Coatings, zinc rich epoxy primer, polyurethane top coat
  • Interior Coatings: high-build epoxy lining system
  • Tank test pressure 38.6 PSI
  • Tank maximum working pressure 25PSI/6 in. vacuum
  • Tank maximum temperature 200°F
  • Max gross weight: 29,750 LBS. [13,494 KG]
  • Est. Tare weight: 5,800 LBS. [2,631 KG]
  • Pay Load Weight: 23,950 LBS. [10,864 KG]
  • Tank volume: 25 BBL [1,052 GAL]
  • External Dimensions:
    • Length: 2,438 mm [96”][8’]
    • Width: 2,235 mm [88”][7’4”]
    • Height: 2,261 mm [89”][7’5”]
  • Ladder on both ends



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