8’ x 16’ ECOmats™

Temporary road, parking area, dock side support, heli-pad or other hard surfacing needs.

Product Description



  • Weight – 2,950 LBS +/- 2%
  • 128 SQ FT Coverage
  • 3 Ply – 8’ x 16’
  • .05% Absorption Rate
  • Load Bearing Weight – in Excess of 1,000 PSI
  • Galvanized 3 Channel Runners
  • ASME B30 Lifting Standards
  • ASTM E84 Class 2 (B) Flame Spread Index Rated
  • Anti-Static Inhibitors

CERTIFIED – Meets ASME B30 Lifting Standards

FIREPROOF – ECOmats™ have a Flame Spread Index – ASTM E84 CLASS 2 (B)

DURABLE/LONG LASTING – Synthetic material designed with UV Inhibitors. Mats manufactured with up to 60% recycled material and 100% recyclable.

SUSTAINABLE/NO LIQUID ABSORPTION – When properly washed, the mats can safely leave chemical plants – does NOT absorb liquids. Does not have a hollow core and will not hold liquid like the hollow core composite mats.

GALVANIZED D-RINGS – Loads, offloads, lays, and moves easily with a fork truck or D-Ring for easy lifting.

COMPACT DESIGN – Reduces mud and debris collection as opposed to wood mats that have gaps in the mat to air out, thus having space to collect mud increasing weight driving up freight-out and cleaning costs.

SAFER/IMPROVED TRACTION – Improved traction over traditional mats when dry or wet. Final manufacturing process “sears” a slip resistant pattern into the top of the plank.

NO NAILS/ALL BOLTED – Bolted for extended strength and eliminates nails left after the job.

INCREASED FREIGHT SAVINGS – Mats are lighter than wood = Freight savings. Ships 16 mats per load = Freight savings.