All Rig Mats

Rig mats are used as temporary roads, parking areas, dock side support, heli-pads or other hard surfacing or flooring needs.

Tiger offers an alternative to the standard wood mats that have proven to be unsuccessful in wet or muddy conditions. Our ECOmats™ were designed to provide temporary stability and improvement of ground conditions for upstream, midstream, downstream and construction projects.

Built with a segmented [non-hollow core], the synthetic ECOmat™ addresses structural needs and dramatically improves project foundations. Tiger’s ECOmats™ are great for wet and muddy environments because they are waterproof, do not rot, slip resistant and tightly assembled to prevent the collection of mud and debris from getting in between boards, thus saving on cleaning and shipping costs when project is completed. These are just a few advantages ECOmats have over traditional mats. Rain or shine, Tiger’s ECOmats™ are by far the best flooring solution in the industry.


COMMON USE Temporary road, parking area, dock side support, heli-pad or other hard surfacing needs.