Tiger Handrail Package


Tiger Handrail packages are used for temporary barricade for deck penetrations or construction, P&A, and drilling projects on fixed or floating platforms. These portable handrail packages can also be used on dockside or security jobs.

This handrail rental package is a way to quickly and efficiently enhance your HSE program for any type project.

Product Description


  • Handrails are designed and built to OSHA Handrail Standard (29CFR 1910.23)
  • Package comes in an easy to move, pre-racked assembly designed for transportation by crane, truck or boat.
  • Package is 100” long x 48” wide x 54” high
  • Weight of package is 1,600 lbs.
  • Rack is designed to API R2 2A for offshore safe dynamic lifting. Approved for SEPco 0055
  • Equipment rack includes a package of J bolts (for securing to grading)
  • Includes Four – 8’ x 43” handrail units
  • Includes Four – 4’ x 43” handrail units
  • Gives total of 48’ of handrail protection
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