DNV Multi-Unit Carrier


This 4 Compartment Multi Cargo Carrier is designed to safely contain and transport four 550 Gallon IBC Transport Tanks or multiple smaller cargo carrying units. The design allows for easy loading and unloading of filled 550 Gallon Tote Tanks. This package increases the general work space safety by securing the individual or multiple units during transit. The Multi Cargo Carrier reduces crane and boat time during the loading and unloading operations.

Product Description


  • Designed, tested, constructed, inspected with offshore identification markings to DNV2.7-1 EN12079-I / IMO 860 / SEPCo OPS00551 / API RP 2A Sec.2.4.2c&d
  • Third Party certification on design, testing, construction and inspection
  • Design Temperature: -20° C
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • External Dimensions:
    • Length: 3,150 mm
    • Width: 2,845 mm
    • Height: 2,184 mm
  • Max gross weight: 35,000 LBS. [15,876 KG]
  • Est. Tare weight: 4,500 LBS. [2,041 KG]
  • Pay Load Weight: 30,500 LBS. [13,835 KG]


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