500 bbl Coast Guard Certified Independent Cargo Transport Tank


Secure transportation and storage of drilling, production and completion fluids as well as fuel, waste and other liquids.

Product Description


  • Designed for offshore dynamic lifting in accordance with the provisions of API RP 2A and SEPco document OPS0055
  • Designed and constructed in accordance with Marine Safety Manual, Chapter 11, Section F, Carriage of Combustible and Flammable Cargo, Independent Tanks. Maximum working pressure 18 PSIP. (PSIG)
  • Tare weight: 37,000 lbs  [16,783 KG]
  • Max gross weight: 500,000 lbs [226,796 KG]
  • Pay Load Weight: (lift empty only) 463,000 LBS. [210,013 KG]
  • One 4” suction /drain line w/4” butterfly valve w male camlock and cap
  • One 4” offset circulation line w/ 4” butterfly valve w/female camlock and plug
  • One 4” fill line w/4” butterfly valve w/ female camlock and plug
  • Two 3″ atmospheric vents
  • Eight skid mounted weld downs
  • Two 20″ manway w/ladders
  • One 30″ cleanout/cleanout
  • Full length top mounted walkway with hand rails
  • Two equally spaced baffles
  • Three part poly exterior coating
  • High build chemical resistant liner
  • External Dimensions:
  • Width: 2,591 mm [102”][8’6”]
    • Length: 12,700 mm [500”][41’8”]
    • Height-Hand Rails Down: 3,658 mm [144”][12’- ]
    • Height-Hand Rails Up: 4,521 mm [178”][14’10”]



Tiger 8-Way Stainless Steel Manifold with Drip Pan

Tiger 8-Way Stainless Steel Manifold with Drip Pan

COMMON USES: Most often sold or rented in conjunction with the 500 bbl tanks to connect them together. The manifold can also be used to connect any tanks to transfer or regulate the filling of multiple tanks at once with one inlet or discharge with one outlet. 

* Rented or sold separately


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