250 bbl Coast Guard Certified Independent Cargo Transport Tank


Secure transportation and storage of drilling, production and completion fluids as well as fuel, waste and other liquids.

Product Description


  • Designed for offshore dynamic lifting in accordance with the provisions of API RP 2A and SEPco document OPS0055
  • Designed and constructed in accordance with Marine Safety Manual Chapter 11, Section F, Carriage of Combustible and Flammable Cargo, Independent Tanks. Maximum working pressure 20 PSIG. [Empty Only]
  • Est. Tare weight: 22,000 lbs [9,979 KG]
  • Max Gross Weight: 250,000 lbs [113,398 KG]
  • Pay Load Weight: [Lift empty only] 228,000 lbs [103,419]
  • One 4″ suction/drain w/4″ butterfly valve w/male camlock and cap
  • One 4″ offset circulation line w/4″ butterfly valve w/female camlock and plug, graduated w/1″ jets
  • One 4″ fill line w/4″ butterfly valve w/ female camlock and plug
  • Two 3″ atmospheric vents
  • Eight skid mounted weld downs
  • Two 20″ top mounted manways with ladders
  • One 30″ manway/cleanout
  • Full length top mounted walkway with hand rails
  • One center baffle
  • Three part poly exterior coating
  • High build chemical resistant liner
  • External Dimensions:
    – Length: 9,195 mm [362”][30’2″] – Height-Hand Rails Down: 3,200 mm [126”][10’6″] – Height-Hand Rails Up: 4,064 mm [160”][13′ 4″]


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